Quality Custom Framing

For More Than 20 Years We’ve Offered Premium Quality Custom Framing for Less

Premium conservation-quality custom framing protects and preserves your fine art, and makes it look its absolute best for years to come.

At Animation Connection, we take framing seriously. For more than 20 years animation art collectors and casual buyers around the world come back to us again and again for conservation-quality framing at prices that are lower than the standard non-conservation framing offered by most galleries. 

Premium conservation-quality framing requires the right materials, and the right methods.

The Right Materials and the Right Methods

Many galleries and mass market frame shops use cheap, acidic paper matting around the image. Conservation-quality framing demands that all materials, matting included, be acid-free so there will be no bleaching and discoloring of the art over time.

Basic framing also uses acidic foamcore (or even worse, cardboard) behind a piece of art. A conservation-quality framer will use acid-free foamcore to further defend against fading or discoloring your artwork.

Most mass market framers and galleries will tape artwork to the backing material. They’ll hide the tape with the matting so the client doesn’t know how it has been adhered. Conservation-quality framing uses acid-free corner pockets to hold the art in place without defacing it in any way.

Finally, a lot of shops use plastic frames rather than wood. Not only do plastic frames feel light and insignificant, some will begin to bubble and peel over time, ruining the look of the piece. Animation Connection uses Italian-made 100% wood frames from Roma Molding and other quality suppliers to ensure the lasting beauty and quality of your framing.         

In-House Framing vs. Outsourced Factory Framing

Many galleries outsource their framing to factory framers. This is exactly what poster shops in malls do. Lacking in-house expertise and equipment, they ship your art out to a mass-market framing company that employs a staff of generally inexperienced framers handling hundreds of posters and other frame jobs each day.

Every piece of art from Animation Connection is framed in-house. Under no circumstances does your art ever leave our premises until we ship it to you.

It’s a craftsman approach vs. a factory approach. Our framer has framed thousands of cels, drawings, and other pieces of animation art in her 25+ year career. Each piece is framed on-premises by one person from start to finish, not passed along an assembly line. Each piece is lovingly inspected and fussed over until it is exactly right. Then it’s securely packaged and sent on its way to you the same day.

If you’re wondering if a gallery outsources their framing, ask them to turn your order around in a day or two, or ask them to send you a photo of it mid-way through being framed. Few will be able to accommodate these simple requests.

Want to Learn More About Conservation-Quality Framing?

Give us a call. Top-quality framing at very affordable prices is one of the main ways we differentiate ourselves from other animation art galleries, and we’re always happy to share our expertise in this important, but often neglected, field.

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