For more than 25 years Animation Connection has been pleased to ship to customers across the US and Canada, as well as the UK, Germany, France, Australia and New Zealand. Packages shipped outside of the US and Canada are shipped with Canada Post.

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Unframed art starts at $15 and framed art starts at $23.50. Prices increase with larger pieces. We are very happy to group multi-piece orders and reduce the shipping charges, please inquire for more details. 

Please email us with the name of the piece or pieces you are interested in, as well as your shipping address including postal code. We will get back to you as quickly as possible.

Visa and MasterCard. We also accept PayPal.

Yes. All orders are transmitted to us through a secure, encrypted order form protected by Geotrust, a leading supplier of ecommerce services.

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Yes. In the Continental U.S. and Canada, call us toll-free at 1-800-700-1173. Outside of North America, please call (00) +1 416-482-5111. We are in the Eastern Time Zone, three hours ahead of Los Angeles and five hours behind London, England. If you get the voice mail, please leave a detailed message and a phone number or email address we can reach you at.

Yes. Your personal information is safe with us. We will never sell, rent, trade, or otherwise disclose any information about our customers to any outside company, organization or individual.

We will, at times, e-mail information to our clients about special offers or newly arrived artwork which may be of interest to you. These messages will be infrequent, and we hope you will enjoy receiving them.

If, at any time, you wish to stop receiving such messages, simply send us an e-mail with the word REMOVE in the subject line and your address will be promptly removed from our mailing list.

You do not pay any Canadian tax. When the package is delivered, UPS may bill you for your local State sales tax. Many packages arrive with no taxes at all, but be aware that you may have to pay your State sales tax.

You do not pay any Canadian tax. When the package is delivered, Canada Post may bill you for your local Value Added Tax (VAT). Some packages arrive with no taxes at all, but please be aware that you may have to pay VAT.

Ontario residents pay 13% HST at the time of purchase. Canadian residents outside Ontario pay 5% GST at the time of purchase. Residents of Provinces outside of Ontario may be charged their local Provincial sales tax upon arrival.

In stock artwork is often shipped the same day you order. It is always shipped within 48 hours. Not all artwork is in stock at all times. Delivery of out of stock items will take 1 – 3 weeks. If time is an issue, please call or email us to find out if your chosen artwork is available for immediate shipping.

Yes, a 4 payment interest-free layaway is available on most purchases. If you would like to purchase on layaway, please send a separate email or call us to discuss details. The art will be shipped once the final payment has been processed. You can pay it off early and have it shipped early too. 

More original production cels and drawings are available. Please call or email us with your requests. 

Generally speaking, no. We are an Authorized Gallery for all the major animation studios, and the vast majority of our artwork comes directly from the studios. We will occasionally buy privately from collectors who have pieces we cannot get from the studios, so long as the artwork and all accompanying paperwork is in good condition.

If you want to sell, please email us details of what you have, and we will let you know if we have any interest.

Yes. All originals and limited editions come with the original certificate of authenticity issued by the studios. These are not copies or gallery issued certificates, they are the official documentation from the studios. The only exceptions to this are older limited editions (pre-1992) and older originals (pre-1960’s) that never had a certificate issued.

Yes. We offer hundreds of framing options. If you have a particular style or color scheme in mind, or if you want to try to match other pieces you have, let us know. We will work with you to find the perfect framing for your artwork! Many choices are available at no extra charge.

Most animation historians credit Tex Avery for his 1940 film "A Wild Hare". While there had been a grey rabbit in several earlier films, Avery was the first to feature a confident, wise-cracking rabbit. It was also the first time Bugs said "What’s Up, Doc?".

Other directors, particularly Bob Clampett, Robert McKimson, Friz Freleng and Chuck Jones did much to develop Bugs Bunny’s character throughout the following two decades.

Despite being often misspelled and mispronounced, there is no "t" in Friz Freleng. The legendary director’s real name was Isadore, but he was known as Friz.

Yes. That’s why we work so hard to frame, package, and ship your art so quickly. It helps us keep warm.

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