Speedy Gonzales
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Speedy Gonzales

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Product Description

This is a limited edition giclee on paper. “Queso al Trinfador” or “Cheese to the Victor” demonstrates that for Speedy Gonzales, the quicker they are, the greater the reward. Always up for a challenge in this 1955 Friz Freleng directed cartoon, Speedy demonstrates why he is worthy of cheese wedges and the Academy Award that this piece won. Here, in his second cartoon entitled “Speedy Gonzales” the mouse is showcased as admirable, amiable and of course, very accelerated. His foe Sylvester, who while guarding a cheese factory, is continually duped by the coupling of cheese thievery and terminal velocity. In short, with Speedy’s alluring smile and contented personality (which is an interesting contrast to other Freleng characters, namely Yosemite Sam, this little Yucatan mouse remains one of the more well-loved and respected animated figures today.

Image Size: 12" x 9.5"

Framed Size: 18" x 20"

Edition Size: 250

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Limited Edition Giclee

Sometimes described as "digital lithographs", giclees are created using extremely sophisticated computer equipment to create a reproduction virtually indistinguishable from the original.

Most giclees start with an original painting or illustration in oil, watercolour, or charcoal. The original work is scanned and colour corrected under the supervision of the artist before being printed with a extremely high resolution giclee printer. From the French term for "spray of ink", giclee printers lay down millions of microscopic ink droplets with such precision that the images, colours, and subtle nuances of the original piece are reproduced with breathtaking accuracy and beauty.

Giclees are created on high quality acid-free rag paper or on canvas, and are generally done in limited editions of no more than 750 pieces. They are often signed by the artist.

Limited edition giclees are a beautiful addition to any home and any art collection.

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